September 10, 2022

First in the Philippines: YCO Cloud Campus One gets TIA-942B Rated III DCDV and ISO 22237 certifications

YCO Cloud’s first greenfield data center designed for hyperscalers is now ISO 22237 certified, a first for a Philippine data center facility. Located in Light Industry & Science Park IV in Malvar, Batangas, YCO Cloud Campus One passed the design certification audit performed by EPI, the largest provider of ANSI/TIA-942 conformity audit and certification services in the world. 

Conformity with ISO 22237 is a crucial compliance point for YCO Cloud, as it assures its potential occupiers that the planning and design of Campus One is compliant with globally accepted standards. 

Similarly, Campus One passed the external audit process based on the ANSI/TIA 942-B standard, and is now classified as a Rated III DCDV compliant facility by the Telecommunications Industry Association. 

ANSI/TIA defines a Rated III facility as “one that is Concurrently Maintainable and able to handle planned maintenance on any part of the distribution path or any single piece of equipment or component without causing interruption to the data center operations. Rated-3 data centers have, at a minimum, one active (N) and one standby (+1) path for distribution of power, cooling and telecommunications. There is no requirement for component/equipment redundancy within each distribution path. Rated-3 data centers have improved physical security controls.”

ANSI/TIA 942-B is the most popular standard for data centers globally, and, most importantly, exhaustively covers all aspects of the data center such as site selection, architecture, structural, physical security, safety, fire suppression, power, cooling and telecommunication. 

Both ANSI/TIA 942-B and ISO 22237 certifications validate YCO Cloud’s world-class design, with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. In its Audit Report, EPI stated: “Overall, the data center's commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency demonstrates its dedication to responsible business practices and a greener future.”

“The twin certifications will go a long way in assuring our potential occupiers that YCO Cloud is serious about protecting their critical IT investment,” said Nik de Ynchausti, YCO Cloud’s Chief Executive Officer. “From Day One, our philosophy has always been to get everything done the right way, keeping in mind our core principles of sustainability and neutrality, to show the rest of the world that a Filipino company can be a viable player in the data center industry,” he added. 

Part of YCO Cloud’s certification roadmap is to achieve TIA-942B (DCCC) wherein the data center facility under scope has been physically inspected for conformity to the design criteria of the TIA-942 standard for Rated-3. This physical inspection covers both an assessment of all relevant design documents as well as a comprehensive physical on-site inspection for each critical area under the scope of the standard. The team is also investing in Personnel Training with certification for Operational standardization and efficiency.