September 10, 2022

YCO Cloud bolsters Network Development team

As part of its ongoing efforts to shore up its in-house expertise, YCO Cloud has engaged Olga Nicomedes to lead its Network Development and Operations unit. 

“The network is an integral part of our approach to building data center facilities fit for hyperscalers,” said Nik de Ynchausti, YCO Cloud’s Chief Executive Officer. “We wanted to bring in someone who could capably helm this segment, with the view of not just one facility but for the rest on our five-year roadmap,” he added.

An electronics and communications engineer by profession, Olga has spent the last two decades honing her skills in design, build, facility-related project management, and asset management. She has supported companies in the Philippines and abroad like IPS Inc. Infinivan, SMS Global Technologies, and IP Converge Data Center, Inc.; heading the Data Center & Infrastructure Development, and overseeing the Operations and Maintenance of Fukagawa Data Center in Japan. More recently, Olga was part of the Corporate Planning Team in Japan for bridging the network connectivity across Asia Pacific Countries.

Moving forward, Olga will take the lead in engaging YCO Cloud’s network partners to ensure that its connectivity facilities will meet the exacting requirements of hyperscaler tenants, as well as maintain its compliance with its TIA 942 and ISO 22237 certifications.

“It is great to be part of the pioneering team and working with our prominent partners,” Olga said. “My long-term commitment in the data center industry carries on for my YCO Cloud family and for our hyperscaler tenants. Data centers are my life!” she enthused. 

YCO Cloud’s first data center facility, YCO Cloud Campus One, broke ground last May 16, 2023, and is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2024.